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Submission Guidelines

  1. Book/story must be draft complete before any submissions can occur.
  2. If it is a short story, it must be less than 20 pages and will only be published in a short story collection book every 10-20 short stories we receive or as Ebook only.
  3. If it is a full-length book it must be at least 100 pages.
  4. If it is meant for audiences under the age of 8 please contact us for specifics.
  5. Only send us 2 chapters! Your best chapter and your worst chapter (even though you have a completed version). Also send a brief summary for context.
  6. Be open to critique. Even the best books need some adjustments.
    Submit To:

Please put your NAME , and TITLE of the book in the SUBJECT line.

If you are under 20 please refer to